There is no problem seeing the screen in this classroom. Your instructor is also clear and to the point. This training is to help you succeed and become a professional security officer.

The Level 3 training course is a 40 hour training course and it is what you need to become an armed security officer in Texas.

Our training course is taught in a manner which allows student participation. This will give you added communication skills when dealing with the public and heated situations.

Loss Prevention Texas is also the only private training school with advanced firearms training which is provided thorough our firearms simulator and time allotted to the new handgun user. Students will also qualify and meet the firearms certification which is required by the state of Texas. You must complete Level 2 prior to taking this course. Level 2 is also offered by Loss Prevention Texas.
 Loss Prevention Texas also offers the Level 2 Training Course and it is 6 hours long. Our course is designed along the lines of the course maindated by the Texas Private Security Bureau and adds training for the new security officer who has never been in the business before. Our training will give you the edge in understanding and becoming a professional officer while dealing with the general public and your companies clients.
When we say,
"Training is the Key to Survival"
it is exactly what we mean.
Not only is it physical, but it's mental.

We want you to enjoy your job.

 As courses become available, Loss Prevention Texas will continue to expand it's course library. Currently we offer OC Pepper Spray course as an add on to the use of force ladder for Level 3 Security Officers.

Approved CE Training School