Non-Commissioned Security Officer
Level 2 Training is 6 hours.
Level 2 Security Officer Training is required before anyone can become a Non-commissioned (unarmed) Security Officer. You must have this training to advance to Level 3. Both classes must be completed before the a Level 3 Commission is obtained. The training is also required before most companies will even let you apply for a job.

Loss Prevention Texas offers Level 2 Training for those who need the training. You can contact us to get a schedule for classes. 
Cost: $60.00

Commissioned Security Officer
Level 3 Security Officer Training is required to become a Commissioned (armed) Security Officer. The training consists of 45 hours of required training. The training will cover Texas requirements to become an armed officer and includes defensive tactics, firearms, use of force and many other topics. Both women and men are needed in the security industry. We train you from the ground up. Most of our students have no prior experience. Baton and OC (Pepper Spray) training are included in this course.
Cost: $220.00 initial course
Level 3 Re-qualification 6 hr. renewal class $80.00 add $10.00 is qualifying with shotgun.
Company Rates are Available.
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For tactical weapons training click, Baton-Handcuff Link.
Note: Loss Prevention Texas is a training school which provides training that meets the requirements of the agency or entity for which you are applying for licensing or certification. You must meet that entities guidelines. You must verify that you are eligable for the license, certification, etc.
Level 4 Personal Protection Officer
16 to 18 Hour Course developed for those wishing to become body guards. The student must be a Level 3 Officer prior to taking this course. Candidate must be working with a Security Services Contractor or a Private Investigator to be a Level 4 Officer. Cost: $180.00
New course pricing effective April 1, 2019