Students must supply the following items when attending a class sponsored by this school:
  • 2 pens (any color ink you choose)
  • 2 pencils
  • notebook capable of taking large quantity of daily notes
This is a training class and a professional facility. Please dress appropriately. Business casual dress required. (no cut offs, tank tops, saggy pants etc.)
The guidelines for the positions that you are training for are listed on the website for which you are attempting to obtain a license, registration or certification. Please check those websites to obtain information on those requirements. You will not be issued a refund for your inability to receive a license, certification or registration due to your inability to pass a background or other reason for denial.
This is a professional training school licensed or certified by certain agencies or departments within Texas. Our guidelines are dictated by those agencies. We will adhere to those guideline without deviation. If unprofessional or illegal acts are committed, you will be removed from class. No refunds will be submitted.
To register for a class send an email to The email must include your name, phone number and the class that you intend to take. If you have a question on the proper class you need, please call our admissions assistant at 361-232-4101. Please include the date of the class. The calendar is at the bottom of the page. Upon receipt of your email, an invoice for the class will be emailed to you. You can pay for the course using a debit or credit card.
Register for all training classes here. Follow instructions below.