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Note: Loss Prevention Texas is a training school which provides training that meets the requirements of the agency or entity for which you are applying for licensing or certification. You must meet that entities guidelines. You must verify that you are eligable for the license, certification, etc.
Knowledge Is Power
Continuing Education is required for all registrations to renew a private security registration. Loss Prevention Texas operates a continuing education school which covers the following registrations:
  • Private Investigation
  • Alarm
  • Company Owners
  • Electronic Access
  • Security/Alarm Sales (no registration  required after Sept. 1, 2019)

Level 3 Security Officers must take continuing education through a Level 3 School. Contact us today to schedule your re-qualification proficiency training course.
A classroom setting with real people. An actual group of people who are in your industry that you can share information with. We are not talking about people selling anything but professionals sharing information. Not just talking but sharing information that will help you do a better job. When you do that, personal goals are better reached.
 Continuing Education is required for Company Representative, Owners, Private Investigators and many more. It must be done according to your license requirements.

Level 3 Officers must take a 6 hour Proficiency class. (See information under Level 3 Training link.)