Our new training center calendar is now on every page of our site. This is to make it easier for you to determine when a class is being offered. You asked for it and now its here.
  • Concealed Hand gun/License to Carry Courses
  • Level 2 Security (Non-commissioned) Class
  • Level 3 Security (Commissioned) Armed Class
  • Level 4 Personal Protection Officer
  • Certified Process Server Course
  • Advanced Firearms Course
  • Continuing Education available. Contact us for details at 361-232-4101.
If a class is not on the list, contact us to set up the class. We can make it happen.
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Note: Loss Prevention Texas is a training school which provides training that meets the requirements of the agency or entity for which you are applying for licensing or certification. You must meet that entities guidelines. You must verify that you are eligable for the license, certification, etc.
CE School       Y04182701
Level 3 & 4 School     F01282

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