My name is Clarence Simmons and I operate Loss Prevention Texas. We are proud to serve the state of Texas as a training provider for many subjects including but not limited to Certified Process Server training to Handgun and Private Security. Our students are from all over Texas including the Dallas-Ft. Worth area to Houston, Brownsville, Laredo and parts in between. They include everyone from the age of 20 to great grandmother. I guess that's an age. That being said, my goal is to insure that you receive the training to live or successfully do your job and survive in todays public and private arena.
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This is the link to the Texas Department of Public Safety website. The site includes License to Carry, Private Security and much more information.
This is the link to the Judicial Branch Certification Commission for those wishing to apply to be a Certified Process Server. A Orientation Course must be completed as part of the application process.
Note: Loss Prevention Texas is a training school which provides training that meets the requirements of the agency or entity for which you are applying for licensing or certification. You must meet that entities guidelines. You must verify that you are eligable for the license, certification, etc.
CE School       Y04182701
Level 3 & 4 School     F01282

My job is to provide training and equipment so that you have the tools to do your job.